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The following pieces are my Ten Spiritual Songs for Voice & Ensemble published in 2011. They were written with the idea of bringing out the beauty of African rhythms.

This first one, entitled "Beloved Children", in 4/4 meter, employs a familiar recurring bell pattern voiced in the harp.The melody intertwines with the harp's rhythms, bringing out a cross-rhythm of its own. The words are from Mary Baker Eddy's first address in The Mother Church, May 1895 (Miscellaneous Writings p.110) 1. Beloved Children

The following song, in 3/2 meter, employs an African rhythmic pattern which recurs four times across six downbeats, making it an example of polyrhythm. The powerful words are from the Mrs. Eddy's principal work Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, page 496. 2. Comforter

Here we have a setting, in a rhythmic texture of three against two, of Jesus' final prayer before being arrested (John 17). 3. Father, the Hour is Come

Dieu mon Père, Dieu ma Mère empolys rhythms similar to Beloved Children, but in a more lively, up-tempo setting. The words are my translation into French of Mrs. Eddy's poem for little children on page 400 of Miscellaneous Writings. 4. Dieu mon Père, Dieu ma Mère

Satisfied, a poem by Eddy (Poems, p.78), is set in 12/8 meter with an interplay of two against three. 5.Satisfied

Irradiance is a setting of a few simple words from Psalms 118 in 12/8 meter, with a three against four polyrhythmic feel. 6. Irradiance

This one is a simple, quiet ballade in 12/8 meter setting some profound words from Eddy's work Science and Health (p.99). In the second go-through, the flutes play what a choir would be singing if i had one! 7.Currents

The familiar 23rd Psalm springs forth in an exuberant setting in 4/4 meter. Notice the first note of the recurring bell part occuring a sixteenth note after the first downbeat of the bar. 8. Paths

Douce Fontaine is a lovely poem by Beninian poet Nathaniel Gnahoui David, set to an undulating piano accompaniment in 4/4 meter. 9. Douce Fontaine

This one has a latin feel, 4/4 meter, sharing my subjective experience in praying with the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6) in the early morning. 10. Early


Concert Music


African Overture is a one-movement symphonic composition bringing out the richness of African culture, melody and rhythm (2006). African Overture (10:43)


Cellists and Violinists, check out these Twelve Classic Gems for Cello & Violin, I think they're really quite lovely. For example, Beethoven's wonderful Larghetto in A Flat from his Triple Concerto is included (2014). Twelve Classic Gems Arranged for Cello & Violin


My new Open Sky String Quartet (May, 2015). I have endeavored to combine classic elements of variety, development, and melodic & harmonic richness, with African rhythmic vitality and polyrhythm.

I Avventura (Andante; Moderato) 5:51

II Giga (Allegretto; Grave; Largo; Primo tempo) 11:42

III Sentimenti (Andante cantabile) 6:14

IV Gioioso (Con brio) 4:51


About the author, my name is dan watts, I studied music, including counterpoint with william denny and African music and dance with c.k. ladzepko, at the University of California at Berkeley. If you'd like to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you ... my email is dan@refreshing-rhythms-music.com. Best wishes to you.

All the music on this website was written and copyrighted between the years 2006-2015 by daniel g watts.